When doing any kind of product testing, it is most important to get a representative sample of the batch or lot produced.  We will quickly review three types of products: Whole Flower, Tinctures/Oils and Edibles.  

Whole Flower is typically sampled using a composite method and/or a randomized method.  The composite method involves grows with many plants.  A different portion of a plant from various randomized distributed locations in the grow is assembled into a "frankenplant" that is then homogenized.   The tote method involves taking a sample, from various locations in the tote or bin used to store the product, after curing.

For liquid samples, it is most important to get a homogenized mixture.  Cannabinoid oils tend to separate and homogenization is necessary to get the correct dosage per package.  Here it is best to test multiple packages from the batch.  Take one bottle from the start of the run, one in the middle and one at the end of the run to see how homogenous your process is.  Taking a sub-sample from a bottle will only give you limited information about the dosage of the entire batch.

Edibles need to be sampled as a Retail Unit.  It is the same as with liquid samples, however, that homogenization of the product may need to be studied with multiple random position tests.  

Sampling is a critical step in the testing process.  Please contact our lab with any questions you may have about sampling.