Below are the typical and minimum client sample sizes for the different tests, sample types or matrices we test here at the lab.

Typical Samples often are retail package sizes or amounts the client feels is representative of their batch.

Minimum Sample size is the minimum sample we need to do a test.

Samples are homogenized, subsampled and homogenized again before testing.

Extracted Sample Size is the sub-sample we need to do a test per our validated Standard Operating Procedures.

Potency Testing: 11 Cannabinoids
Flower Matrix:  Typical Sample Size 3.5 Grams, Mininimum Sample Size 1 Gram

Tincture-Extracts-Oils Matrix: Typical Sample Size 10-30 millilter Bottle, Minimum Sample Size 1 milliliter

Edibles Matrix: Typical Sample Size 1 Retail Sale Package, Minimum Sample Size 1 Sale Unit 

Vape Cartridges: Typical / Minimum Sample Size 1 Vape Cart  100milligrams or 1mililiter

Isolate, Distillates,Concentrates: Typical Sample Size 1 gram Minimum Sample Size 0.5 grams

Statistical Sampling and Regulatory Samples will require much larger sample sizes than what is stated here.  Please contact the Lab for more information.