Bootstrap and Start Up

We were very lucky to find an existing industrial laboratory for rent in the High Technology Gateway in Melbourne Florida.   The lab was outfitted with Lab Hoods, Furniture, Central Lab Utilities, Safety Showers, Data Infrastructure, Industrial HVAC and many other features.

Additionally, we were even more lucky to find our start up team.  Dr. Dan has a FIT PhD in Synthetic Chemistry and a wide background in plant extraction processes.  Frank B. has come to us after a long career doing HPLC separations for a Biopharmaceutical Manufacturer in California.

The City of Melbourne Community has been very welcoming to us and we have made many friends with contractors and service providers in the area.  We are in a high tech area, so lab services are readily available.

The State of Florida expanded its Medical Marijuana Program in 2016 and we started our lab in 2018.   The rules for Testing Laboratories and the requirement for lab tested medical marijuana has been postponed again and again.  1 Oct 2018, draft rules were released for public comment.   These rules, by far are the toughest in the nation.

Fortunately, we have found other ways to keep the momentum going and are working on new method development with FT-NIR technology.


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