The Vision

We are starting up a Third Party ISO 17025 Certified, State Licensed Quality Control and Quality Assurance Laboratory in Brevard County, Florida serving the Florida State Department of Health “Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers” licensees.

Canaveral Laboratories will offer state of the art testing of Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp products (including Plant Material and products produced from Plant Material, directly or indirectly) produced by others for:

  1. Potency
  2. Homogeneity
  3. Microbial Contamination
  4. Residual Solvents
  5. Pesticides
  6. Industrial Hemp Testing
  7. Hemp and non-Marijuana derived CBD product testing

The nature of the medical cannabis industry and the cannabis industry in general is strongly tied to a moral dilemma and to a legal dilemma.  The moral dilemma is something that can be discussed and debated, like moral issues of the same type.  The legal dilemma, not so.

With the gradual change in global social acceptance of cannabis, and the heroic efforts of a few daring pioneers in Colorado, the understanding of the medical value of cannabis is becoming more understood.  The medical value is unique, but largely undocumented as research has been outside of federal law.  This legal issue, and its affect on production and distribution has created products of a wide diversity of qualities, dosages of active ingredients and that provide uncertain and uneven patient outcomes.  Rapid expansion of this industry has led to production challenges and products contaminated with mycotoxins and pesticides.  Chemical enhancers have also been found, such as synthetic Cannabis alkaloids.

Our goal is to aid in better patient outcomes and to assist the “seed to sale” Cannabis Treatment Centers in delivering a safe, cost effective, well understood product that meets those quality criteria “By Design”.



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